Using the Recordings

Using the recordings for personal harmony and happiness


T hese groundbreaking formulas are mathematically generated into a series of 59 sound therapy recordings for personal growth and alignment and for research purposes. The material comes from an analysis of a wide range of ancient sources as well as some modern material. A partial list of older references includes: Sanskrit sources and the expansion of those observations by the Egyptian mystery schools; many Biblical numbers; Jewish metaphysical material like the Kabbalah, the Book of creation, and the Jewish sacred rod; Pythagorean number reduction; Sacred Geometry; and the flower of life. A partial list of newer points of reference include: Tesseracts, Solfeggio cubes, the research of Dinshah, Tesla, John Keely, Optiogenetics and others.

This material is not for entertainment, and It is essential that guidelines are followed, especially for first time users. The CD format files are approximately 35% less powerful than the DM files. CD files are recommended as a starting point for everyone and a 3-hour minimum wait period is required after listening to any new track because effects can be powerful. All results should be kept in a logbook with date, time, and headphone orientation

All tracks have built in spaces of silence throughout the formula patterns including a minute of silence as a lead in. All tracks are for research only, not entertainment. These discs must only be used with good quality head phones especially for low frequencies, to obtain the full benefits. No ear buds that claim to be quality headphones! No listening without headphones. No listening in the car or anywhere else while operating equipment or with other distractions. No listening for pregnant women or for children. These tracks are powerful and focused, and you need to be focused on your body’s response. It is very likely your responses will change every time you hear any track as your body assimilates and adapts. Responses can continue for up to an hour after listening to any given track, even if you have heard the track before.

A second critical point is that you cannot compress or translate these files into other formats and expect them to operate the same, even if they may appear to sound the same. There will be much going on here that is outside of our usual conscious hearing range, but not out of the range of our nervous system. Harmonics are one example. The assistance for chakra spinning is another example. The sine, cosine and tangent are examples where the frequency can be the same but applied differently from one pulse to the next. I have yet to see any CD ripping process with interim steps where the quality does not suffer in some way. Converting to one of the many variations of MP3 loses another 5% of effectiveness over the 35% loss from just getting to a CD format. I have observed one case where frequencies were added on the high side just playing the track after a conversion using the same CD data rates.

A third critical point is that no frequency analysis is required to use any of these discs. No voice analysis, nervous system, or brain wave analysis. Applied Kinesiology can be very helpful, but it is not required. The recommended sequence is coded into the disc numbers. A disc labeled Sunshine 06_08 is the last disc in group 6, and a disc labeled Sunshine 03_02 is the second disc of group 3. All nine groups are now released.

At least a dozen different formula patterns are used in the various tracks. All tracks have a silent space at the beginning and end of the work section. An ending section at the end of each track is a 30-second sound sequence using strings and some harp notes to flag the user that all work sections and silent sequences are complete for this entire formula track. All other spaces are “work” areas including additional silent spaces that are part of larger formula patterns. The first silent space on the disc is called “preparation” time. Use this to disconnect yourself from everything and everyone as much as possible to focus on and pay attention to body energies during the disc time. Only one disc is over 10 minutes long. The average for total disc time is 6 minutes which includes all silent spaces. The last space is also one minute usually and is called, “assimilation” when the body is digesting all material just received. Energy shifts can occur any time during the disc, and also even for an hour or more afterwards. The pulses are in most cases only 1 or 2 seconds in length, but they are focused and powerful.

A wide range of responses from users are experienced as “releases”. They can be a noticeable energy release or tension release in some area of the body. These can often be in areas of old injuries or operations. Minor muscle tremors or body twitches are also common. At the stronger end of the scale you may experience a major full body jerk or the upper body with head and neck jerk or simply a lower body jerk. There is no hard pattern that is followed. What is clear is that a person may feel very little response to a particular track at one time and feel a very different response from the same track after a few other tracks have been played and the body adapts.

We are all subjected to a wide range of influences that can change our pattern of balance. Food sensitivities, alcohol, lack of sleep, medicine, emotional upheavals with friends, family or work mates, water pollution, air pollution, just watching television can be hazardous to your health. The less exposure to electronic screens the better.

The Benefits of Sunlight Waves

Designed to facilitate alignment to the natural cycles around us

The natural cycles of the moon and sun and seasons are reflected in the measurements all around us. 40 is an important number for humans and is mentioned many times in the Bible. When is the one time in the year that 40 is equal to 40? Of the 12 or so sorts of seconds which are the three that are critical to human alignment?

Designed to facilitate light integration in the body

Ancient teachings tied color and sound together along with the areas of the body affected. In more modern times Darius Dinshah’s work in Let There Be Light (fifth edition or later) is a starting reference point. Modern tools allow things to happen in minutes instead of the hours and weeks suggested by many of Dinshah’s formulas.

Designed to be support tools for either self-help or psychotherapy

Initially this work was targeted for help with PTSD and childhood abuse and trauma issues. But experience indicates that a wider range of mental health support can be provided with these tools, including Autism.

Designed to address the effects of exposure to wireless microwave technology

Neurological, psychiatric, and specifically cognitive impacts are commonly reported after exposure to wireless microwave technology, including Smart Meters. Symptoms can include insomnia, headaches and migraines, tinnitus, heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, dizziness, blackouts, memory loss, concentration difficulties, mood disorders, depression, agitation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, blood pressure changes, pain, hormonal changes, and skin tingling.


Sound therapy often requires some kind of frequency analysis. No voice analysis or nervous system analysis or brainwave analysis is required to use these sound tracks.

59 Groundbreaking sound recordings for creating happiness and internal harmony

All nine groups are now released. All tracks are delivered as data files (in wave format). The DM files are recorded at 96000 bps with a 32- bit depth. Although some audio players will not play this format, the Windows Media Player under Windows will play it and will show most of the metadata with it. The DM files are 33 percent more powerful than the CD version and are not recommended for beginners. The CD versions are recorded at 44100 bps with a 16-bit depth and can be played by the Windows Media Player which will show most of the metadata. However, the files will not play on most audio players because they are not provided with an Audio Disc Shell that puts tracks together as in most music albums. These tracks must NOT be played all at once.

Each track requires a minimum of a 3-hour wait period after listening to them for the first time. A traditional audio format would require a separate disk for every audio track to prevent them from playing all at once. Even users who have already played a disk should leave 30 minutes between tracks. It destroys the effectiveness of the frequencies to import multiple tracks to a library or even a compressed play list. Future versions of this material will not offer a “play all” option. The computer will try automatically to play all, especially if someone attempts to rip and copy this material. I have not seen any ripping process that does not change the tracks and frequencies in some way, even ones that claim to be lossless. I have even experienced a “Lossless” player that ended up adding frequencies.


Figure 1

Figure 1:

Shows a breakdown of 2 one-second pulses. The top half shows one channel of stereo, and the bottom shows the other stereo channel. Mid C is directly between the upper and lower music staffs. Note that on the top for the first pulse the tones cover from F in one octave to F in the next octave down. The first pulse on the lower channel often ranges across 4 octaves above mid C, and 4 octaves below mid C.

Figure 2:

Shows the first pulse on the top channel as covering only 4 notes (GABC). The second pulse covers a range of octaves. The channel on the bottom has pulses that cover a range of octaves

Figure 2

Figure 3A

Figure 3A:

This shows the first six pulses in CD Sunshine 01_04. The pulses start at about one minute and ten seconds into the track after the initial preparation delay. This an excellent location to check out the low frequency capacity of whatever headphones you are using. These pulses are low but still in the conscious range for many people. There are many areas in the formulas that are below the conscious range of hearing but not the detection range of your nervous system. You need to set the volume if possible to where you can detect the pulses without turning the volume way up, and to use your good ear if one hears better than the other. Lower volume is the preference throughout all of the tracks. I’ve tested several headphones that simply cannot detect those first six pulses at all no matter where the volume is set. Headphones that are infrared or Wi-Fi connected cannot be trusted for this work and the same is true for fancy noise cancellation headphones. This is not about hearing tones that sounds great for music. The purpose is to give the binaural process and your nervous system everything it needs for optimal effect. All of the Sunshine tracks are designed for a binaural process thus the requirement for good headphones.

Figure 3B:

There are a couple of important reasons to comment on this figure. The majority of the tracks are designed with a reversal process on to insure both ears get the same range of important frequencies. In some cases, a mirror image process is triggered part way through a process. Figure 3B shows such a reversal for a mirror starting midway in a formula format. The figure also shows a dramatic difference in the pulses on one of the stereo tracks. When these are heard, people may think that the headphones are not playing one channel or that one ear is getting all the attention and the other ear is hearing some sort of dysfunction, like hearing a one second sputter or chatter. If the formula is working with low frequencies, it can indeed sound like a chatter or sputter. However, if the area being worked is much higher in frequency, then the one second can sound like the whine of a mosquito. The difference between channels is an important part of the formula pattern. Keep in mind that this is not for musical entertainment. Not all tracks have this process of having a very wide difference between the left and right volume. The first tracks to have such a process appears in group 03.

Figure 3B

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