What People are saying about Sunlight Waves

A couple of years ago if you had told me I’d be writing about a process of psycho-acoustics to facilitate self-healing and body alignment, I’d have said you were crazy. As a retired psychotherapist and attorney, I didn’t know what a “frequency” was, but vaguely thought it was something about the way we tuned into radio and TV stations. Although I’ve always wanted to learn about everything and read voraciously, math and science were exceptions I avoided like the plague.

So, a few years ago, when I met Dave W. Alcorn at a local discussion group where he talked about frequencies and healing though sound, I was skeptical. However, I was impressed by Dave’s encyclopedic knowledge of math and numbers and by the facts he presented evidencing that sounds have been used for healing for centuries in many countries and cultures. I was intrigued by the fact that these Sunlight Wave sounds were created based on complex mathematical calculations, as well as extensive present and ancient knowledge. Since Dave’s frequency disks did not involve taking medicine, shots or other invasions of my body, I decided to try them. All I had to do was listen to the sounds on a disk player using headphones.

The sounds were weird, and non-musical, not soothing music. As I listened, I again thought it was crazy, but felt relaxed and quickly fell asleep and slept through the night.

Although some might not find that worth mentioning, to me it was a miracle. As a child, I was the victim of years of physical and sexual abuse by my father at night. As a result, I was plagued with a sleep disorder all my life, making it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. I had to have absolute quiet and wear earplugs, but even that didn’t always work. But now with the disks, I almost always fall asleep quickly.

However, I found the therapeutic benefits even more amazing. After years of psychotherapy with M.D.s and Ph.Ds., post-graduate training to become a therapist myself, and trying many therapies, I thought I had cleared all the effects of child abuse from my mind and was free from the resulting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the Sunshine Wave frequencies helped me recover additional unhealed memories and remove self-defeating effects of the abuse, which led to greater peace and self-confidence, as well as improved health.

I realized how effective these non-invasive frequencies can be for therapists helping people recover from mental and emotional trauma of all kinds, not just child abuse, but from divorce, illness, deaths of loved ones, and many others. And they are effective for people to use themselves at any time to relax and feel better. I highly recommend them.

Lynne D. Finney, J.D., M.S.W

User comments on CD format usage

Group 01

  • Felt relaxed, still tingling
  • Relaxed me. It calmed me down when I didn’t think it was possible
  • Tingling in my arms and lips
  • Tingling in my body and saw green
  • Very powerful, saw many circles
  • Wow! Had nine releases
  • Saw pink, purple, magenta, and green
  • One of the best
  • Amazing, magenta, expansive
  • Wow! Most powerful of all, saw lime green and purple
  • Gorgeous magenta

Group 02

  • Gorgeous colors, 5 pointed stars, purple, green, magenta
  • Very relaxing
  • Saw turquoise and purple
  • Saw 3 bright dots, bright purple, tingling in my body
  • 2 large crimson symbols like multi-stemmed plants
  • 3 releases, tingling, very relaxed, some pink
  • Tingling through areas of my body from lips down to my feet, and saw some magenta and circles of white and blue, Felt energy in the body

Group 03

  • Wonderful, 4 releases, purple
  • Tingling and turquoise
  • Very relaxing
  • Tingling, ovals not connected
  • Purple and green
  • Tingling in feet, lots of starfish
  • Felt effect on the right side
  • Tingling from the beginning
  • Powerful colors purple, green
  • Tingling feels peaceful and good

Group 04

  • Bright purple
  • Lavender, purple
  • Tingling, relaxing, saw a cross
  • Amazing wonderful, relaxed all over
  • “4 stars” rating and two releases
  • Tingling lips, tingling right hand
  • Very relaxed, tingling
  • Wonderful vibrant colors, purple, bluish green, blue, galaxies vivid, feel wonderful
  • Purple
  • Tingling lips

Group 05

  • Orange, wonderful tingling all over, purple
  • Bright purple tingling on lips
  • 8 large releases
  • Tingling in the body and lips, magenta
  • Wow! Very powerful like electricity flowing thru me
  • Purple colors felt very good
  • Magenta, green dots, very relaxed, purple
  • Tingling in my legs
  • Tingling in lips
  • Felt line down the middle of my body
  • Tingling in lower jaw and pain in my right hand
  • Gentle, feels good, some tingling, saw small 5-pointed star, bright purple, Magenta Aztec symbols, several releases that appeared to be in parts of both mental and physical, all healing.

Group 06

  • Saw lavender, light green
  • Purple pillar
  • Tingling in face chest and shoulders
  • Wonderful purple really feels good
  • Body feels like its expanding, body feels wonderful. Tingling lips
  • Very calming
  • Felt wonderful
  • Saw green eyes
  • Feels healing, right hand hurts
  • Tingling left arm
  • Sounds are very relaxing
  • Circles and vertical and horizontal lines that looked like lattice work, saw great magenta color
  • Tingling all over the body, symbols like a large X and another X with a vertical line inside.
  • Light green, some magenta
  • Magenta then purple. Very, very relaxed, and tingling
  • Strong but soothing tingling, especially lower lip. Very bright gorgeous purple filled my head. Wonderful feeling fell asleep immediately after the disc stopped.
  • Tingling, and green light
  • Tingling in bottom lip
  • Wonderful light magenta
  • Tingling in body and lips, light magenta and green