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CD Sunshine 6-Disc Set – Volumes 01-06 Tks 1-33

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All tracks are recorded at 44100 BPS with 16-bit depth

CD Sunshine Discs Group 1-6



For first time users, you must allow a minimum of three hours of time to elapse before attempting to listen to another track. For users that are already familiar with the tracks, a wait period between tracks can be reduced to 30 minutes. Remember to keep a log including which headphone orientations are being used left side to left ear and right side to right ear or, reversed. There is no hard rule about how this should be, but you will find that your preference will change on some tracks. Most all tracks attempt to balance both sides as the pattern moves through to completion. What is clear is that as people shift and rebalance, their response can change dramatically to any given track.

All CD wave tracks are recorded at 44100 BPS with 16-bit depth.
All tracks have built-in spaces of silence throughout the formula patterns including a minute of silence as a lead in. All tracks are for research only, not entertainment. These discs must only be used with good quality head phones especially for low frequencies, to obtain the full benefits. No ear-buds that claim to be quality headphones! No listening without headphones. No listening in the car or anywhere else while operating equipment or with other distractions. No listening for pregnant women or for children.

These tracks are powerful and focused, and you need to be focused on your body’s response. It’s highly recommended that you keep a log of responses, it’s very likely they will change every time you hear any given track as your body assimilates and adapts. Responses can continue for up to an hour after listening to any given track.

We would like these frequencies to help as many people as possible. However, copying these discs in any way on any device degrades the frequencies and reduces the effectiveness by 30% or more. All Sunshine discs are made individually from uncontaminated masters to insure maximum results

Disc 1
CD Sunshine 01_01 7E9B: 6:18 minutes
CD Sunshine 01_02 4F230: 3:55 minutes
CD Sunshine 01_03 D79_21: 5:23 minutes
CD Sunshine 01_04 AC2: 19:24 minutes

Disc 2
CD Sunshine 02_01 4F293: 4:32 minutes
CD Sunshine 02_02 3BCF: 5:00 minutes
CD Sunshine 02_03 821E: 8:06 minutes
CD Sunshine 02_04 86CF: 5:42 minutes

Disc 3
CD Sunshine 03_01 386F1: 6:27 minutes
CD Sunshine 03_02 7B 1_2: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 03_03 7B 3_4: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 03_04 7B 5_6: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 03_05 T1BF4: 6:34 minutes

Disc 4
CD Sunshine 04_01 T1FB1_2: 5:49 minutes
CD Sunshine 04_02 T1FAF_3: 5:19 minutes
CD Sunshine 04_03 2A843 1_2: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 04_04 2A843 3_4: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 04_05 2A843 5_6: 5:45 minutes

Disc 5
CD Sunshine 05_01 AD7D_2: 6:57 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_02 D8DF: 7:55 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_03 D8DC: 7:04 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_04 D8D7: 5:39 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_05 22B 1_2: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_06 22B 3_4: 5:45 minutes
CD Sunshine 05_07 22B 5_6: 5:45 minutes

Disc 6
CD Sunshine 06_01 239C_1: 6:33 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_02 2399_2: 5:49 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_03 2397_3: 5:18 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_04 2393_4: 4:18 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_05 20FF1 1_2: 5:05 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_06 20FF1 3_4: 5:05 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_07 20FF1 5_6: 5:05 minutes
CD Sunshine 06_08 210B: 7.08 minutes