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59 Groundbreaking sound recordings for research purposes.


Product Goals – Enjoy a happier, more peaceful, and harmonious life.

These special mathematically constructed sound frequencies are designed to:

  • Increase energy
  • Align the mind and body to the harmony of life and spirit
  • Facilitate clearing of past traumas
  • Encourage emotional and physical stability
  • Offer light to replace darkness

These groundbreaking formulas are mathematically generated into a series of 59 sound therapy recordings. The material comes from an analysis of a wide range of ancient sources as well as some modern material. A partial list of older references includes: Sanskrit sources and the expansion of observations by the Egyptian mystery schools, and many Biblical numbers, Jewish metaphysical material like the Kabbalah, the Book of creation, the Jewish sacred rod, Pythagorean number reduction, Sacred Geometry, and the flower of life. A partial list of newer points of reference include: Tesseracts, Solfeggio cubes, the research of Dinshah, Tesla, John Keely, Optiogenetics and others.

This material is not for entertainment, and It is essential that guidelines are followed, especially for first time users. The CD format files are approximately 35% less powerful than the DM files. CD files are recommended as a starting point for everyone and a 3-hour minimum wait period is required after listening to any new track because effects can be powerful. All results should be kept in a logbook with date, time, and headphone orientation

All of the formulas in this never-before-published material from David W. Alcorn and involves entrainment knowledge gained from 50 years of working with frequencies, antennas, computer systems, and electronics. A first class FCC license was obtained around 1967 while still in a military communications group. Then working in a telephone switching office at night in Washington D.C. while attending a Control Data training school during the day in Virginia.

The next 30 years were spent in the corporate world working with a wide range of data collection and computer networking equipment. These years were followed by 20 years of working for myself and studying everything I could find that would provide help for a wide range of symptoms showing up in myself and the clients I worked with. Of all the processes that I tried on myself, only one element showed consistent promise and that was and still is the process of entrainment. Entrainment is also the element that shows the connections between the numbers in ancient material and modern measurements. Vowel tones, chanting, and drumming circles are excellent examples from the sound arena. Meditation techniques and tools like those provided by the HeartMath Institute are excellent examples of bringing the heart and brain together. HeartMath also connects to a critical ancient number in the Bible. The modern application of light gives us the visual component. Dinshah led the way on light therapy in the 1930s, building on very old material, new materials and products make light therapy available to everyone. Gregg Braden’s excellent work on “The Fifth Mode of Prayer” gives us an excellent base for the spiritual connections. More material will be added to this website giving much more detail about the option to change much of the frequencies that throws our body out of alignment.

Group 7, 8, and 9 have now been released, 26 new master library tracks to the initial release of 33 tracks thus providing a tool kit of 59 tools to create a vast array of options to address main areas of interest. 17 detailed library example sequences have been provided.

Any new tracks being played for an individual require the same level of caution as the original release material which is a 3-hour delay to measure reactions for each new track not previously heard by that individual.

Our Products

All CD wave tracks are recorded at 44100 BPS with 16-bit depth
All DM tracks are wave tracks recorded at a 96K bit rate with 32-bit depth
All DM groups will now be available for shipment in SDHC memory card format. Minimum order is for two groups.
WARNING: These disks and frequencies are NOT music and are NOT for entertainment. They may evoke strong emotions and/or memories of forgotten unpleasant experiences. If you experience suicidal thoughts or violent persistent emotions, go to an emergency facility or contact a mental health professional immediately.

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